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bars are definitely numbered. meanwhile, protests outside the courtroom continue. demonstrators demand justice for anthony's daughter. good afternoon, i'm pat lawson muse. >> and i'm wendy rieger in for jim handly. this morning, a judge handed down casey anthony's sentence for lying to investigators. she got four years, that's the maximum for that conviction. but she also got credit for time that she has already served. >> so her freedom date is next wednesday, july 13th. anthony's legal battles are far from over, though. kristen dahlgren starts us off in orlando. >> you may be seated. >> reporter: days after a jury acquitted her in the death of her 2-year-old daughter, caylee, casey anthony will spend less than another week in jail. >> her release date is july 13th, 2011. >> reporter: after sentencing her to four years and $4,000 fine on four counts of making false statements to investigators, judge belvin perry credited her for more than 1,000 days already served. but the court also reserved jurisdiction to determine the
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cost of the prosecution and investigation, and could tax anthony on that. >> this search for her went on from july through december, over several months, trying to find caylee marie anthony. >> reporter: anthony may also be sued by texas equusearch, the group that spent over $100,000 searching for the little girl. and she is unlikely to find a welcome reception on her release. protesters gathered outside the courthouse, many still angry anthony was acquitted of murder. so security was tight, and jail officials say they have their plan in place to try to keep anthony safe when she is released next week. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, orlando. >> well, as you can imagine, there are mixed reactions to that sentence on facebook and twitter today. >> yeah, we asked your opinion
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on nbc washington's facebook page. mike mcgraw wrote that i will be interested to see what her actions are when she leaves. i would bet that she'll take the low hand route and continue to find trouble. wesley had this to say. what makes me sick is that people only agree with the system when it produces outcomes they want to see. she was found not guilty by a jury of her peers. and it goes on to say, this leads me to believe that maybe she didn't kill her child. we may never know the truth, 100%. and act like we will is ignorant. i give it a couple of weeks, and we'll have to move on. we always do. thanks to all of you who commented today. strong reaction to the casey anthony case is prompting a maryland lawmaker to propose new legislation. maryland senator nancy jacobs wants to introduce a bill that would make it a felony if a parent fails to report the death of their child within a short amount of time. anthony waited a month before she told authorities that caylee
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was missing. jacobs says she has gotten nearly two dozen e-mails from her constituents in hartford and cecil counties since the not guilty verdict came down. the space shuttle "atlantis" is on the launch pad, set for what is to be its finalistoff. millions are gathered for this historic event. but as jay gray reports, weather in florida could delay that launch until this weekend. >> reporter: the end of an era rests on pad 39-a right now. >> looking amazing. it's a great way to head into this countdown. >> reporter: flight managers looking ahead to the final launch. >> the team is ready, prepared, everything is in the right spot. >> we have made it. >> reporter: while so many are looking back. >> when you think about space, you think about the space shuttle. >> the shuttle has cleared the tower. >> reporter: it's been an amazing ride. >> the vast majority of people who have ever been to space have been to space on board the space shuttle. >> reporter: three decades of
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stretching or limits and knowledge. >> we have flown 135 with our flight. the hubble space telescope, the international space station, launching probes to different planets, servicing satellites, you know, the space shuttle has just been an incredible machine. it's been everything we have asked it to do and more. >> reporter: but with that triumph has come tragedy and incredible pain. "challenger," "columbia" and 14 astronauts, lost. and now, some fear, with the end of the shuttle program, america's dominance in space is slipping away. >> for the first time, the world's greatest space-faring nation, as president kennedy put it, will have no way of putting anybody into space until we up a new booster. >> reporter: american astronauts will be forced to rely on the russian space agency for flights, but nasa's administrator insists, it's temporary fix. >> i'm not about to let human
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space flight go away on my watch. >> reporter: now all eyes are on "atlantis," one final flight and an enduring legacy. but that history may have to wait. after 30 years of shuttle flights, there is still one thing nasa cannot control. that's the weather. and right now, the forecast is 70% no-go for tomorrow's launch. at kennedy space center, jay gray, news4. well, we're dealing with another hot and steamy day out there. >> and tonight there is a chance of storms, and we do need them. doug? >> yeah, we really do need to see some rain out there. right now, it is the heat we're worried about. temperatures out there right now, 94 degrees, but that heat index right now at 99. the heat index coming to us due to the dew point, which is up there around 67 degrees. winds out of the south right now at about 10 miles per hour. around the rest of the region, temperatures are on the warm side, as you can imagine. 93 in sterling and in martinsburg. 97 in frederick. notice hagerstown, maryland, though, only 81. that's because we have seen some shower activity move through that region, and that's where
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all of the rain is right now. there is no rain right now around the d.c. not area, but up toward the north, that's where we're seeing rain come in. we'll zoom out here and you can see towards pennsylvania, right along the mason dixon line there, the pennsylvania/maryland border, that's where our rain is. that's where it's going to stay for the next hour or two, and then it will start to move toward the south. how far south? well, we'll have to just wait and see. your good night/wake-up forecast could see showers between 9:00 and 11:00. and tomorrow morning, it says rainy there. let's just go with warm. i think it will be rainier as we make our way through the day tomorrow. a flash flood watch in effect for the day tomorrow. i'll show you who has that and when we could see the most rain. guys? >> thanks, doug. metro riders may notice new shorter station names by next year. the transit agency is going through with plans to streamline station names. african-american civil war memorial, for example, could be changed to u-street core dozo. national mall could also be
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added to the smithsonian station's signage. metro says customers have voiced a strong preference for simpler station names more reflective of locations and landmarks. up in new york, democrats there have picked a candidate to fill anthony weiner's seat in congress. 55-year-old david weapon will be nominated tomorrow. he was elected to the state last year and served on new york city council for eight years. the republican party has yet to pick a candidate for the september special election, and whoever wins will serve out the remainder of weiner's term, which ends in january of 2013. there's another change at the pentagon. the second-ranking official, deputy defense secretary william lind iii says he's resigning for personal reasons. he has agreed to stay on the job until defense secondly i don't know panetta chooses a successor. panet panetta's first day on the job was friday. president obama sat down with congressional leaders today to negotiate about raising the
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nation's debt limit. the president says there was progress today, but both sides are still far apart on some wide-ranging issues. michelle franzen has the latest. >> reporter: raising the stakes. but still no deal on raising the nation's debt ceiling following president obama's meeting with house and senate leaders today. the president said republicans and democrats will work through the weekend. >> everybody acknowledged that there's going to be pain involved politically on all sides. but our biggest obligation is to make sure that we're doing the right thing by the american people. >> reporter: lawmakers have until august 2nd to keep the government from defaulting on loans. before the meeting, house speaker john boehner once again said raising taxes is not an option. but for the first time, he opened the door to rollbacks on some tax credits, and closing tax loopholes. >> we believe that comprehensive tax reform, both on a corporate side and personal side would make america more competitive,
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help create jobs in our country, and is something that is under discussion. >> reporter: there are reports the president may be open to medicare, medicaid and social security reform. a move that put him in the hot seat with progressive democrats. >> if the republican leadership can find votes in their own caucus, to pass such a deal, let them do it. >> reporter: that could be tough. boehner is working to shore up emerging splits in his party over tax reform, and new members who want a balanced budget amendment. meanwhile, obama says the ongoing talks are just that. until a deal is done. >> i want to emphasize that nothing is agreed to until everything is agreed to. and the parties are still far apart on a wide range of issues. >> reporter: the president says he hopes by working through the weekend republicans and democrats can find common ground to strike a deal. he plans to meet again with house and senate leaders this
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sunday. michelle franzen, news4. thinking you might refinance your home? well mortgage rates are going up. according mortgage provider freddie mac, the average loan increased to 4.6%. on a 15-year fixed, 3.75%. these hikes are the highest in four months. rates were at their lowest point of the year just a few weeks ago. when news4 at 4:00 continues, the royal couple's northern exposure is over. next stop, california. >> get ready to fork over more money if you are using verizon. plus, they're off. the annual running of the bulls is now under way.
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starting today, smartphones on verizon's network no longer have an unlimited data plan. . >> right now, unlimited users can continue paying $30 a month for unlimited data plans, but new users will have to fork up $80 for 10 gigabytes a month, $50 for 5 gigabytes, and $30 for 2 gigabytes a month. that leaves sprint as the last big carrier to offer that unlimited data service. natalie portman's baby now has a name.
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alif. "people" magazine says the baby boy was named after the first led of the hebrew alphabet. he's now 3 weeks old. it's the end of two eras in daytime soaps, but today abc announced "all my children" and "one life to live" will be available online. >> both shows were sold to prospect park set to launch its own hulu like venture. executives at prospect park say they will continue the same story lines and characters and pick up right where the tv finales left off. >> guarantee, you won't miss a beat. well, it's the beginning of the end for one of the most successful movie franchises in movie history. the last "harry potter" film premiers tonight in london. 8,000 fans camped out for days in trafalgar square, lining a nearly mile-long red carpet in order to see the stars arrive.
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at least one devoted fan explained nothing is stopping her from getting a front-row seat. >> been here about 72 hours. we've been counting down somewhere. and i'm sunburnt from monday and tuesday when it was really hot. and now i'm absolutely soaked from when it rained last night, so -- english weather. wouldn't change it for the world. >> "harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2" premiers july 15th. the end of an era for the actors who start. >> a panel of movie stars spoke out about their experience. emma watson spoke about what it was like to cliff two of her co parts. >> kissing dan -- kissing harry for that scene, you know, it's a figment of ron's imagination, and the worst possible thing that he could ever imagine. so the kiss obviously had to be passionate. i was half naked and covered in silver paint.
4:16 pm
so that was pretty awkward. kissing rupert -- was also awkward. we had just been soaked by an enormous bucket of water. >> well, radcliffe spoke via satellite, saying he's going to miss the gift of playing an action hero. >> he's really tearing it up on broadway right now. the royal tour of canada is winding down. >> the duke and duchess of cambridge are spend their last day in calgary and then on to california. here is peter alexander. >> reporter: as they got one step closer to california, william and kate said goodbye to the northwest territories early wednesday. these canadian rangers seen loading the duchess's now famous wardrobe caught eyes every step of the way. it was supposed to be a day off, the chance for a little royal r & r, but the duke and duchess added another stop, bringing
4:17 pm
comfort to a small town devastated by wildfires. >> look at everybody here. everybody's spirits are lifted now. no one is worried about houses, other things. right now it's wil and kate. >> reporter: and while the destination for the royals' downtime was heavily guarded, it's widely speculated the newlyweds would escape to the canadian rockies. as william and kate took time to wind down, the city of calgary is gearing up. today they'll saddle up for the famed calgary stampede. here they like to say some of the best cowboys are could yw g. what do you wear? >> i hope she wears a western cowboy hat. >> reporter: from belt buckles to bling, the future king and queen better clean up quickly. an a-list hollywood crowd is waiting. the most gam rouse events this weekend, but for now, everybody is looking to see what kate looks like as a cow girl. that's the latest from here. now back to you.
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>> all right. and the san fern festival in spain is under way with the traditional running of the bulls. >> thousands raced ahead of 1,000 bulls through the streets of pamp loana. officials called today a clean run, meaning no one was gored, but a few folks did have to go to the hospital, suffering cuts and bruises. the number of runners was down from recent years. the entire run takes just two-and-a-half minutes. that festival lasts for eight more days. still ahead on news4, who was the worst boss in the area? there's a new contest just for workers. >>. plus, new details today about the obesity epidemic in america. and for all your news, be sure to follow news4 online. just search nbc washington on facebook and twitter and you can follow the two of us on twitter. >> search pl
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t working in america is sponsoring a contest to find horribly bad bosses. >> not just bad ones, horribly bad ones. the group holds the contest about every two years to highlight problems workers face.
4:22 pm
>> so way to vent, let people let off steam of problems they've had at work. and it's -- also, it highlights some serious issues that people have in the workplace. >> this year, one participant described her boss as being abusive, and having anger issues. another described his boss as insensitive and a hard-core drunk. >> oh, my. >> nearly 500 workers have submitted their horror stories. two winners picked each week. a grand prize winner will be announced next month. don't know what that winner gets. >> uh-uh. a new job, maybe. tharchlts would be nice for them. >> maybe new employees. you never know. >> yes. so, are we going to get some rain? >> i think we are. we're going to get the potential for a lost rain. i was hoping we would get some today, and now that's not materializing and that's allowing temperatures to just soar. right now, we're into the mid 90s and the heat index is approaching 100. out there right now, not too much clouds in the sky, so you're looking up and saying, hey, you told me to bring the umbrella. we still could get showers and
4:23 pm
thunderstorms later this evening. so don't put that umbrella too far away, you will definitely need it during the day tomorrow. 94 degrees, winds out of the south at 10 miles per hour. there's the heat index coming in at 99 degrees, the way it feels outside. it's a very warm afternoon. 94 in frederick, 88 in quantico, 91 in manassas and 39 at fredericksburg. in culpeper, 100. 104 in fredericksburg, 100 toward salisbury, and frederick, 98 degrees. hagerstown, actual temperature, 81, they have seen rain. we'll see rain, as well. right now, here's where the rain is, well to the north of our area, right along the maryland/pennsylvania border. some rain will make its way toward the south. other rain will make its way up from the south. so i do think we have a pretty good chance to see some rain in the next 24 hours. most of it, though, will come tomorrow. and that's why the national weather service has issued a
4:24 pm
flash flood watch for the entire day tomorrow for the potential of seeing some rainfall rates, upwards of 1 to 2 inches per hour, maybe very heavy downpours during the afternoon tomorrow. it's all because of a couple frontal boundaries, one to our south, another to our north. these are going to come together right on top of us tomorrow. so not only will we see heavy rain from some of the storms, but we will see the rain persist with storm after storm moving over the same area. could even be severe weather. here's the frontal boundary making its way across our region into the day tomorrow. the front lingers around the area. temperatures tomorrow held down because of the clouds and because of the rain. but i still think we're going to get into the mid 80s and still going to feel quite humid. by saturday, those systemses begin to make their way out. the cold front moves out, the clouds move away, and right now i think this weekend is really looking like it's fantastic weekend. this evening, partly sunny, hot and humid with scattered storms. some of the storms could be heavy. again, the timing for these would most likely be after 6:00, 7:00 tonight. temperatures, 86 to 92 degrees
4:25 pm
this evening. so if you head out, make sure you stay cool this evening. tomorrow morning, 67 to 74 degrees. partly cloudy. warm and humid with a few showers out there in some areas. not everybody will see the rain tomorrow morning, but i do think you'll get a good chance to see that rain tomorrow. increasing clouds, showers and thunderstorms likely, some of that rain will be heavy at times. and, again we do need the rain. temperatures 83 to about 86 degrees, and here's the four-day forecast. temperatures around 88 on saturday, 92 on sunday. yes, that's hot, but humidity should not be all that bad this weekend. it will build, though, as we move into monday with a high temperature back to 94 degrees. >> all right. >> steamy summer continues. >> yes, it does. >> thanks, doug. america's waistline continues to grow, especially in places where belts are tighter because of the economy. >> a new report from the trust for america's health and the robert wood johnson foundation finds obesity rates have climbed, and the south is hit particularly hard.
4:26 pm
>> reporter: if america continues on its current path, usa could be spelled f-a-t. >> over the course of 20 year, 7 states have seen their obesity rates raise by 90%. >> reporter: in fact, not a single state lowered its obesity rate in 2010, according to new national data compiled by the trust for america's health. the report found the percentage of obese adults increased in 16 states between 2009 and 2010, most of the states in the south where poverty rates tend to be highest. researchers point to a lack of access to health care, and place where is diet is traditionally higher in fat. mississippi had the largest percentage of obese adults, colorado was the leanest state. however -- >> even colorado, when you gain overweight and owe beer, still well over 50% of the population. >> reporter: researchers say the nation is suffering from a major lack of commerexercise. the number of adults who say they don't get any physical activity increased in 14 states last year. walking or biking to school and work is the exception.
4:27 pm
most of us now live in commuter societies. >> that's just become the norm. we have to figure out programs and policies that are going to get americans up and walking again. >> reporter: obesity increases the risk for various health problems, including heart disease, type two diabetes, and some cancers. erica edwards, nbc news. still to come on news4 at 4:00, one woman suspects discrimination after the tsa searches her hair. her story in our next half hour.
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and welcome back. i'm wendy rieger, filling in for jim handly. >> i'm pat lau lawson muse.
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casey anthony will be out of jail in less than a week. a judge gave her four years with credit for time she has already served. the release date is next wednesday, july 13th. she was found not guilty of killing her daughter, caylee by a jury on tuesday. the countdown to space shuttle "atlantis's" launch is under way. "atlantis" is set to liftoff just before 11:30 tomorrow, but there are thunderstorms under the pad in cape canaveral which could delay the launch until saturday. this mission will be an end to nasa's 30-year space shuttle program. president obama met with congressional leaders today for talks about raising the debt limit. afterward, the president said the talks were frank and constructive. but he said both sides are still far apart. everyone agreed, there will be political pain on both sides by the time they reach an agreement. negotiations continue through the weekend. some positive job news that sent wall street higher on this thursday.
4:31 pm
the dow up 93 points. the nasdaq rose 38 points, and the s&p 500 closed up 14 points. parts of yellowstone park are closed today after a rare grizzly bear attack. a 57-year-old man was mauled to death as he was hiking with his wife. park officials say they're not going to try to capture the female bear, because they believe it was trying to defend her cubs. george lewis has more now from wyoming. >> reporter: rangers are warning people that if they see a grizzly, to keep their distance, to travel in groups, and along back country trails to carry pepper spray to ward off the animals. the attack occurred in this part of yellowstone near canyon village. a man and his wife were hiking when they spotted the grizzly and began to back away. >> at some point, they then saw that the bear was coming at them. the husband told the wife that she should run. the bear attacked the man, and he was fatally injured.
4:32 pm
>> reporter: the area of the attack has been placed off limits for now. rangers say they believe the bear was a female, defending her cubs. if the investigation shows that was the case, the bear and her cubs will be left alone. park officials have not released the names of the couple. after the bear mauled the man, the animal went after his wife, who was lying down, playing dead. >> she was wearing a backpack of sorts, a day pack. and the bear grabbed her in some fashion, lifted her up off the ground, and dropped her. and then ran off. >> reporter: the grizzly population in and around yellowstone has grown in recent years to more than 600. so bear sightings are more frequent, and visitors are being cautioned to be extra vigilant. >> we had a planned hike. we get the information from the ranger first, where the safest place would be. we approach it that way.
4:33 pm
or at a specific campground. i definitely would not hike with one or two people off in a back trail. >> reporter: yellowstone is a popular place, with 3 million visitors a year. bear attacks are still relatively rare, and the experts say one of the safest bets is to stay with the crowds as the bears tend to shy away from large groups of people. >> there have been several bear sightings in northern virginia. coming up at 5:00, the neighborhood that's now on alert. the mexican navy and the u.s. coast guard keeps searching for those seven americans missing after their fishing vessel capsized. this video is from mexico's navy. navy authorities say they were leading the search in the sea of cortez off of the baja peninsula. they're now looking for survivors or bodies. the seven missing tourists were among 43 on board a fishing vessel that capsized early sunday. the navy and the fishing vessels managed to rescue 35 of the passengers and crew members. one man is confirmed dead. one survivor recalled the final
4:34 pm
moments when his -- with his brother who is now among the missing. >> brian, just get your hand up there, climb up the side of the boat, side of the guard rails of the boat. don't do anything else. just do it. drop the -- forget the flashlig flashlight, just grab and start climbing up. >> a family member of one of the missing passengers says federales boarded. they told the captain but not the passengers they were not allowed to leave the dock that night because of an approaching storm. there is a nice ending in the case of a mysterious disappearance. >> 20 days ago, a dutch tourist disappeared in southern spain. she was last seen walking outside her hotel june 17th. crews searched the area, and her family arrived to help with the effort. earlier this week, hikers found the woman trapped at the bottom of a ravine. she had survived there by drinking water from the ravine's banks. the woman told friends she got lost while hiking. incredibly, though, she only
4:35 pm
suffered minor injuries. police in philadelphia are on the lookout for a suspect who may be wearing a judge's robe. a municipal judge at the city courthouse says his official garment was stolen from the robing room when he took a bathroom break. judge joseph walters jr. says he left the door unlocked. the philadelphia "daily news" reports judges and other courthouse staff have been asked to keep an eye out for that missing robe. there is more to come on news4 at 4:00 this afternoon. the tsa is getting criticized again. this time, for checking a woman's hair, even after she had been
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in ten million. check this out. a rare live orange lobster showed up in a supermarket's shipment in quebec. the store's manager says she thought it was a joke at first, until the unusual crustacean moved. scientists say only 1 in 10 million lobsters gets that just-cooked look on the shell naturally. the store is planning to keep the shell fish until they can find a suitable home for this guy. in the meantime, the lobster is
4:39 pm
being kept in a holding tank. >> it's interesting. it looks like he has already been cooked so that way he doesn't have to get cooked. >> he's in the clear. >> he certainly is. ♪ that is our chill daily deals music. so let's take a look at our daily deals around the area. first on groupon, for 15 bucks, you get $30 worth of afghan cuisine at the afghan grill in d.c. and more than 500 people have bought it so far, so that deal is on. >> and that deal is a good one. up to about 535 that have been bought so far. if you need to do some work around the house, ace hardware has a deal today. for $15, you get $35 -- let's go to living social here. more than 5,100 people have already jumped on this deal. if you take a look at that. and there are 12 hours to go. 5,106 of these deals have been purchased so far.
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so maybe we should get in on this. if we're into handy work. >> what is it, ace hardware? >> yeah. >> the diy? >> yeah. are you good with a hammer? >> everything is diy at my house, i'm the only person there. if i'm not doing it, no one is doing it. >> all right. well, whether you look to hit it, nail it or screw it, this is the deal for you. >> okay. those are always really fun. you can get some great deals on those. so when news4 at 4:00 returns, a british newspaper is rocked by a hacking scandal. plus a woman's claim that tsa discriminated against her because of her hair. >> and watch us on nbc washington nonstop. at 9:00, a culinary adventure in africa. join barbara harrison as she gets an exclusive tour of the tanzania embassy residence, cooks with the chef and dine as with the ambassador. >> and at 9:30, we go extreme. playing with your friends? i am playing with my friends.
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washington nonstop. we're going to get some rain. >> we need some rain. >> a little, yeah. >> so many people are wondering when is the rainoing to come to my neighborhood. you asked me again today. >> every day. >> when is it coming? >> rain on my yard. >> i don't think it's going to be today. i thought we would have a pretty good chance of rain, bhas stayed when i say just to our north,
4:44 pm
we're talking 50 miles north of washington. we're going to see rain north of baltimore. but our region, we're just dealing with plenty of sunshine. when will it come? i think tomorrow. we have a very good chance of seeing that rain. >> temperatures out there now, 94 degrees, way up there. heat index around 99 with the wind at 10 miles per hour. a very hot and humid atmosphere. 95 in frederick, maryland right now. manassas at 91 degrees. quantico around 88 down towards clinton, maryland, 92. and waldorf coming in at 93. your current heat index, 99 in the district, 97 at baltimore. culpepper, 102 is the way it feels there. dover, delaware coming in at 0 104. the rain up to our north, just to the north of baltimore. and another storm pretty big, back towards cumberland, maryland or west of hagerstown, the area of rain i'm watching that will try to make its way to the south and actually some thunderstorms will try to build down to the south and into portions of west virginia and northern portions of maryland.
4:45 pm
that storm, by the way, around the cumber land area in west virginia is severe. so we're watching out for those storms as they will make their way toward the region. but a better chance of storms tomorrow, as we have a couple frontal boundary, one to the south, one in south carolina and northern virginia, the others developing into portion positive of pennsylvania. we are stuck in the middle, but tomorrow they come over our region and that's why we have a flash flood watch in effect for the day tomorrow for just about the entire area. we are going to see the potential for some of that rain to be heavy at times, maybe 1 to 2 inches of rain an hour in some of those storms. so if you get one of those heavier storms, it will be downpours. tomorrow, or rather this evening, partly sunny, hot and humid. scattered storms, mostly to the north. some could be heavy. tomorrow, partly cloudy, warmed warm and humid. maybe a shower or thunderstorm tomorrow morning, but the bulk of the rain will wait until the afternoon, and then we'll see increasing clouds with some heavy rain likely. 83 to 86 degrees, and here's your next four days showing that things dry out just in time for the weekend. right now, the weekend is
4:46 pm
looking great. temperatures are warm, near the 90-degree mark, both saturday and sunday, but not all that bad if you're thinking about going to the bay or the beaches or even the pool, you have a good weekend for it. >> good. >> meanwhile, let it rain on wendy's yard. >> that's right. just rain there. >> and on ours. >> yeah. we are parched. >> thanks, doug. one woman's hair is now at the center of tsa's latest patdown controversy. >> the washington state woman says she was discriminated against because her curly hairstyle singled her out. allen schaeffer has the story. >> it didn't make any sense. i think it is racially motivated. >> reporter: laura had just gone through an advanced imaging search at sea-tac, the kind that shows body images like this, when she was pulled aside. >> i was turning around, putting my hands out, ready to be patted down, and is she says, no, we're going to have to examine your hair. >> reporter: she was wearing her hair up, in this style, at the
4:47 pm
time. a quick and easy fix for traveling. but to someone, it looked suspicious. >> i was resisting more and more, and she said, ma'am, if you don't let us examine your hair, we're going to call the police. >> reporter: laura has spent most of her life straightening her heart attacks but a few years ago, decided to adopt a more natural style. she is wondering now why it was her hair that drew tsa attention. >> there were many other females around me who were not black who were not having their hair searched. i distinctly remember looking at a woman with her hair in a pony tail, very big curly big hair, thinking why isn't she being accosted as well. >> reporter: we couldn't find any specific mention of hair at the tsa website, how to wear it or what to expect from airport security. but a regional spokesperson points out the agency makes it very clear that any head conversation that might conceal weapons can be searched. and that agents have to resolve those issues at the check point. the same spokesperson tells me that tsa takes any charges of racism seriously.
4:48 pm
but in this case, he's confident it was just security officers doing their jobs, being thorough. and for context, he adds this. about 2 million people fly every day, and in ten years on the job, this is the first time he has heard a complaint about a hair search. but laura and her family say it just doesn't feel right, and they're hoping to get more answers. >> i felt violated, and i felt like this was inappropriate. >> well, there is an update on the test score scandal story in atlanta, georgia. school officials say they will now automatically investigate suspicious test scores. they're also going to require ethics training for all employees. investigators found that 178 educators cheated on standardized tests dating back to 2001. today, education secretary arne duncan called the scandal, quote, unfortunate. he says schools across the country face the same pressures, but make progress without cheating. coming up, why officers had
4:49 pm
to go door to door with guns next to the german parliament. plus, a golfer's jump into the lake really cost him. lehman coming up on news4 at 5:00, bear sightings in the suburbs. the northern virginia neighborhood on the edge after a mother bear and her cubs spotted. a mayor's speech sabotaged by water fountains. what went wrong and who is to
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
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saddam hussein into the united states. the manhunt is over for a masked gunman accused of robbing a cashier. the tense moments unfolded in a german parliament building last night. police say the 48-year-old suspect entered the building through a restricted entrance. he then took the woman's money, beat her with a gun, and fled. police searched the building room by room for hours. the suspect was later found dead at a nearby lake. police say he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. golfer thomas levet, he won't celebrate like this again. on sunday, he won a golf tournament in france, and jumped into a lake. but he broke his shin, and now he has to withdraw from next week's british open. the 42-year-old golfer now needs
4:53 pm
surgery. he's out for six weeks. oops. also, a wacky moment in sports. on match point, as carolyn wozniacki was about to serve, a cell phone started ringing. no one could figure out whose phone it was, then her opponent realized it was her phone ringing in her bag. she turned it off. wozniaky ended up winning that match. still ahead on news4, bad publici publicity. the latest on the hacking of london. and for all of your news, b
4:54 pm
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4:56 pm
facebook and twitter. southwest airlines is having a $59 flight sale, and some flights are even lower than that. none of the special fares apply to southwest flights out of dulles airport, but there are some great deals out of bwi marshal airport. right now, you can find a flight from baltimore to norfolk for just 39 bucks. the southwest deals are available through next thursday. that's the 14th of july. and travel has to take place between august 23rd and december 14th. >> that is a deal. >> get on that.
4:57 pm
a major scandal is under way now in the united kingdom, involving a popular newspaper. the rupert murdoch tabloid is accused of hacking the cell phones of several individuals. >> the "news of the world" tabloid will print its last edition sunday. >> reporter: this is the result of the closing of this newspaper, this 168-year-old newspaper sunday that few people saw coming, even though this story has really been propelled to the next level. what did that, what caused it to go next level, is not just celebrities whose cell phones and voice mails have been hacked. >> if it's true, if this has happened, i would like to see everyone responsible in court. >> reporter: regular people, people in desperate and difficult circumstances. the relative of crime victims, the victims of brutal crimes, and now the insinuation, the allegation, that relatives of british soldiers killed in action in afghanistan or iraq were themselves alleged victims of cell phone hacking, their messages and voice mails also eaves dropped upon by whoever at
4:58 pm
the "news of the world" was responsible for it. and that's what thein queerers are supposed to determine. in event, the son of rupert murdoch commented today. >> clearly the actions of certain individuals did not live up to the standards and quality of journalism that we believe in, that i believe in, and that this company believes in. >> reporter: there are published reports that perhaps as many as five additional people at the paper might be arrested and charged by the end of the week. mike taibbi, nbc news, london. that's news4 at 4:00. news4 at 5:00 starts right now. first at 5:00, casey anthony's sentence for lying to police, and tonight we know exactly when she will walk out of jail. >> dirty politics are a simple mistake. who is responsible for flipping the switch on a water fountain
4:59 pm
during a local mayor's big campaign speech. wildlife in the suburbs. a local community is on edge after spotting a black bear and her cubs hanging out in the neighborhood. and good evening, welcome to news4 at 5:00, i'm wendy rieger. >> i'm pat lawson muse. jim is off tonight. one man is now connected to a series of arsons in the district. this is video from one of the crime scenes in april. five firefighters were injured, one critically. the suspect accused of torching this home is now story.ody. >> report 3ó04's john7 in northwest with the latest on this developing story. john? >> reporter: well, this is a very bizarre case. according to these court documents, the suspect allegedly, after he set these fires, would immediately contact the fire department to let them know exactly where they were. now, after months of investigations, authorities finally asked the suspect how he knew so much about each one of those scenes. well, according to the court documenthe

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